Your advertising banners

Whether construction fences or tennis screens, your individual advertising banner in high quality and fair prices!

DOSAFA – Advertising banners

Construction fences – or tennis screens


The advertising banners are made of PE-knitted fabric. Depending on the usage of the banners we offer different type of qualities. The tennis and construction banners provide a very good wind and privacy protection and are excellent in use of advertising medium.

The best-selling screens are made of our 200 gram/m² knitted fabric and have a long service life due to their UV resistance. The 200-gram material has a wind transmission of approx. 23% and mesh size of 2x1mm.

We also offer a lighter version in 140 grams/m². This material has a wind transmission of approx. 30% and mesh size of 3x1mm.



Advertising banners with your individual print

According to your requirements and individual sizes we offer printings in 1- up to 4-colors. We can also offer a preview for you if you send us your logo as a vector graphic. Photorealistic printings are also available on white base material.


In addition to the standard sizes: 18 x 2 m, 12 x 2 m and 6 x 2 m, we also offer individual sizes if you need to. All advertising banners have edge-enforcement and eyelets (16mm galvanized) every 50cm.  According to your individual size or prints we also offer special designs like hemstitching or additional eyelets.


Due to the light weight of the banners, mounting is very. The printed banners are delivered with a set of a metal hooks for the attachment on a wired mesh fence for example.

Tip: We recommend to take off the banners during winter time and store them rolled up. This will increase the lifetime of the banners significantly!


Advertising Banners with digital prints

Tennis screens/ construction fence banner/ advertising banner

In addition to the “classic” tennis court banners made of PE knitted fabric, we also supply advertising banners made of perforated PVC mesh vinyl. Photo-realistic motifs with color gradients or shading can be realized on this “smooth” material as one-sided full-surface digital print.

Standard sizes: 12 x 2 m and 6 x 2 m

Confection: edge-enforcement and eyelets

Special requests and requirements are possible in terms of confection or sizes after consultation.

The UV-resistant finishes ensure a long-life usage. For indoor tennis courts we offer a flame retardant material in B1 quality.

ATTENTION: For windy courts or places we recommend using the “classic” tennis banners as they have a higher wind permeability!

Pricing advertising banners for 12x2m with print

PE knitted fabric 200 gram / m². Size: ca.12.00 x 2.00 m incl. hooks / Design: reinforced all around edges and with eyelets every approx. 50 cm / Print: e.g., single color – black on one side / SPECIAL SIZES AND SPECIAL CONFECTION ON REQUEST! / Price per piece: free delivery within Germany by GLS + 19% VAT.

20 % - 40 % prints

starting 298,00 €
  • 1 Color starting 298,00 €
  • 2 Colors starting 309,00 €
  • 3 Colors starting 335,00 €
  • Digital 4c starting 365,00 €

40% - 60% prints

starting 365,00 €
  • 1 Color starting 365,00 €
  • 2 Colors starting 375,00 €
  • 3 Colors starting 395,00 €
  • Digital 4c starting 415,00 €

over 60% prints

starting 425,00 €
  • 1 Color starting 425,00 €
  • 2 Colors starting 449,00 €
  • 3 Colors starting 459,00 €
  • Digital 4c starting 495,00 €

Advertising banners – without Print –

For windbreak we offer the banners without prints. In normal quality PE knitted fabric 140 gram / m². Size: 12 x 2 m incl. hooks / Design: reinforced all around edges and with eyelets every approx. 50 cm starting at 55,00€.

Our References

Some of our examples how your banners could look like!