Our Company/ Our Values

We are partners since over 115 years in terms of packaging and filtering technology in the Ruhr region. Therefore, it is very important for us to create a comfy and familiarly company value and also to contribute a healthy code of conduct. Our core competences consist trust, a respectful work climate between top management and the staff. Together we follow our aims and act consequently closed, always aware of needs and appreciation towards our colleagues and partners.

Our Staff

Usually, you cannot reach your goals on your own, that is why it is so important to work as a team together. Because of this reason, it is more important to support the engagement of our staff, which are responsible for the success of the company. We do follow our own traditions to be prepared in terms of crisis to ensure the working for our staffs in Dortmund – from seamer to CEO. Like so called, the company is only as successful as their staff.

Our Customers

Our customers are just as important as our employees. More than 115 years of experience are responsible for the fact that we can offer our customers excellent service and technically competent advice in the present. We recognize the needs of our customers, whether private individuals or large companies – therefore, we usually have suitable solution ready for your requirements. Even if the time is running against us, we still can act quickly and provide fast and short delivery time. Close and respectful cooperation with our customers is the key to our success.

Our Production

Besides our professional competence, we also have a strong team in our own production. We are proud to say, that we still produce a big part of our products on our own in Dortmund. Thanks to our successful companies’ history, we can offer a wide range of products for our customers and also offer individual wishes for them to find the perfect product in every application.