Filtration Technology

Our contribution for the environment!



DOSAFA has been successfully active in the field of wet and dry filtration for decades.

Application for our filter medias:

In combination with carbon the particles are adsorbed. The used carbon additionally will be a reducing and oxidizing agent such as ozone and chlorine from exhaust air, industrial- and waste water.

During filtration and adsorption, the substances which have to be removed are absorbed by the activated carbon and accumulated in the carbon mass. During the process, the carbon is partially oxidized to carbon dioxide and therefore it is almost completely consumed.

Filters with activated carbon as the filter medium are installed upstream of ion exchangers in the technical water treatment of surface water containing impurities such as humid acids with lignosulphonic acids.

For the production of our filter media, we only use following high-quality and certified sieving and filter materials such as:

For our production we offer a wide range of the following materials:

Partially with following properties:

All filter bags and tubes are developed – produced and tested at DOSAFA in cooperation with our customers. Only if our products successfully passed our quality controls, the products will be delivered to the customer’s place.


According to the Law of Water Resources, condensates as well as other contaminants, must be cleaned according government regulations before it is reintroduced into the cycle.

This is our part of contribution for the environment and for the prevention of water pollution – WORLDWIDE!

Fleece in the filtration process

Our fleece materials are the latest, environmentally friendly filter materials for cleaning liquid media in the industry. The fleece filters have excellent filtering properties and also clean contaminated liquids without spending a lot of time.

Fleece is also used, for example, as belt filters, for the recovery of cooling lubricant on machine tools in cold rolling mills.

In addition to the usage of belt filter media, we also use fleece for producing filter bags in all shapes and sizes.


Fleece inside ventilation and air conditioning technology

Fleece has proven its worth in cleaning air thanks to its resistance of solvents, dust holding capacity, tear resistance and it is free from lint.