Big Bags

The large packaging material

FIBC – Big Bags

We have the most common standard Big Bags in our factory in Dortmund.

Big Bags/FIBC = Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container

Big Bags are produced with recyclable polypropylene fabric. Our Big Bags are certified for large packaging goods. They cover large materials and are easier in handling and transportation.

Big Bags are common for the application of industrial and commercial usage. Especially for typical applications such as filling, storing and transporting. In terms of disposal of heavy, fine-grained, powdery, dusty and moisture-sensitive filling materials such as:

Our Big Bags

The Big Bags are produced in different varieties. Therefore, they distinguish themselves from different fabric thickness, differ coatings, load capacity, types of lifting loops, covering, ground finishes and their sizes.

Due to individual productions, we can offer special seals and different inner seams. We also offer individual prints, special productions such as versions or sizes for our customers, in cooperation with our partners around Europe and Asia.

Which information do we need for your request in terms of using the right Big Bag?


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