Big bags with ventilation strips

Big bags with ventilation strips are breathable, offer optimal protection and are stable.

These bags have proven themselves in use for the transport and storage of agricultural products such as potatoes, onions etc. as well as firewood.

Because of the special polypropylene fabric, we also use these bags in filter technology, depending on the application.


Application area:

Storage sizes

  • approx.80x100x160cm
  • approx.91x91x110cm


  • Polypropylene ribbon fabric with ventilation strips
  • uncoated


  • on top with apron to close
  • Bottom closed (91x91x110cm)
  • Outlet 40x50cm (80x100x160cm)
  • UV stable
  • 4 Lifting loops 25cm long
  • SF 5:1
  • SWL 1.000kg

In addition, we manufacture individually suitable inliners for use as a filter big bag. Either loosely to the big bag or sewn directly onto the head.

Further versions, sizes and qualities can be requested via telephone or contact form.