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The Jute fabric – ecologically sustainable

Jute fabric/Jute products

The main cultivation areas for jute are in India and Bangladesh. Along with cotton, jute fibers are ecologically sustainable and both are the most commonly used plant-based type of fiber for the industry. It is not only biodegradable, it is also a very fast-growing plant, which can be harvested twice a year for a sustainable use of resources.

The jute fiber has a lot of useful properties such as heat resistance, durability and a good rotting ability for the environment. Because of those features, jute is often applicated in a wide range of areas.

On the construction side or in road constructions, as cover for transport, gardening or landscaping or just classically as packaging or decorative material. We can offer a numerous type of products for jute fibers.

Jute has proven itself for decades and is still a sustainable plant-based product which is used in different areas in the industry.

Our Juteproducts

We offer different types of qualities, from light to heavy, standard tarps or bags for immediate use are always in stock for our customers. According to your specifications we offer rolls or jute wrapping strips.

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