Jute fabric as bale goods

The jute fabric is directly imported as bale goods in layers from origin country in various qualities and widths. Whether as carrier fabric in commercial and industrial processing or packaging material or also for decoration, jute fabric is common in several areas.

According to your request we tailor from different qualities for individual jute products. Whether light or heavy qualities, from very narrow in stripes to extra wide, we deliver the product for your needs.


Characteristics of jute fabric :



  • Hessian H305/H320 light but dense version
  • Tarpaulin T450 heavy version


  • fixed selvedge in longitudinal direction
  • light version in the widths 102cm / 115cm / 137cm / 150cm
  • heavy version in the widths 160 cm

Further versions, sizes and qualities can be requested via telephone or contact form.