Jute as cape zigzag/wrapping strip/hand rag

Application area / industries

For instance, in the metal production and metal processing industries or gardening and landscaping.

To protect the material surfaces on the outside of steel coils, we produce cuttings from various jute qualities and grammages, so called cape zigzag. For this product you can choose between the width of 50-80cm and the length of 150-200 cm.

For shipping packaging of steel coils, we produce the jute wrapping strips in the quality H305. Roll length and width are produced according to your demands. The most common roll lengths are 15-25 per running meter and roll width 15-18 cm or 30 cm.

These environmentally friendly packaging has proven itself in the last decades in our company and in the metal processing industry.

A common applications area of those jute wrapping strips is furthermore the trunk protection for newly planted trees.

We produce also jute hand rags which are made of heavy jute fabric according to your specifications for protection. Whether two times, four times or six times folded the hand rags are jute fabric sewn, cross-stitched and made in the size you need. A common size is for example approx. 17×23 cm.


Further versions, sizes and qualities can be requested via telephone or contact form.


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