PE mesh tarps

PE mesh tarps The tear-resistant all-purpose tarps are ideal for house, garden, industry, spare-time and many other areas. Advantages: Enforced tarps Application area indoor and outdoor Water-resistant Dust-resistant and washable Multi-way usage Application areas: Multi-functional covering tarp Our versions of PE mesh tarps PE-Gitterplanen Storage Size: 4,00×5,00m 4,00×6,00m Quality     Tear-resistant 220gr/m2 Version Edges are […]

Mineral wool Big Bags

Mineral wool Big Bags Application areas: Safe disposal of mineral fiber waste according to TRGS 521 Mineral wool Big Bags Storage size (width x length x height in cm) Approx.90x90x110cm Approx.90x90x120cm Approx.125x125x150cm Approx.140x140x150cm Quality Polypropylene ribbon fabric Coated, white Versions Top with apron to tie Bottom closed Filling capacity approx. 2.350 liters 4 lifting loops […]

Erosion mats

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