PE poly tarp

The light and transparent universal covering tarp.

The ideal protection against colors, pollution, dust and wetness.


Application areas:

Our versions of the poly tarps

PE Poly tarps

Storage Sizes (metric):

  • 3,00×4,00m, 3,00×5,00m, 3,00×6,00m
  • 4,00×4,00m, 4,00×5,00m, 4,00×6,00m, 4,00×8,00m
  • 5,00×5,00m, 5,00×6,00m, 5,00×10,00m
  • 6,00×6,00m, 6,00×8,00m

Quality and Version

  • Edge-enforcement and eyelets
  • Transparent

Feel free to contact us if you have individual requests or measurements. Of course, we like to help you!