PE tape fabric tarps

The reliable tarps are most commonly used in typical industrial applications, gardening as well as hobbies or in your spare-time. The solid and tear-resistant tarps are the perfect protection against dust, rain and snow.


Application areas:

Our versions of PE tape fabric tarps

PE tape fabric tarps

Storage Sizes (metric)

  • 2,00×2,00m, 2,00×3,00m, 2,00×4,00m, 2,00×5,00m
  • 3,00×4,00m, 3,00×5,00m, 3,00×6,00m
  • 4,00×5,00m, 4,00×6,00m, 4,00×8,00m
  • 5,00×6,00m, 5,00×8,00m
  • 6,00×8,00m, 6,00×10,00m
  • 8,00×10,00m, 8,00×12,00m, 8,00×14,00m
  • 10,00×10,00m, 10,00×12,00m, 10,00×15,00m, 10,00×20,00m


  • Weight: 180gr/m2
  • Light Version: 100gr/m2
  • Heavy Version: 250gr/m2


  • Both-side coating, UV-resistant
  • Edge-enforcement and eyelets every approx. 100cm
  • Colors: transparent (all sizes)
  • Sizes from 2x2m up to 6x10m: green, blue, orange

Also available as rolled good:

  • Width 2m – length 100m
  • Colors: white or green

Further versions, sizes and qualities can be requested via telephone or contact form.