Polypropylene / PP woven bags

Despite their low weight, PP woven bags are extremely resilient and breathable at the same time. That’s why they are used in all industries.

In the food industry as well as in chemistry, they prove themselves every day thanks to their robustness and neutral behavior towards most products to be packaged.


Application areas:

Our versions of PP woven bags

Bags for flood protection

Storage sizes: sandbags (width x length)

  • approx. 30x60cm
  • approx. 40x60cm
  • approx. 25×100 cm (only in black) 


  • Polypropylene-fabric approx.70gr/m²


  • with tie band / already sewn on or tied in
  • Black or white

Packaging bags

Storage sizes: packaging bags (width x length)

  • approx.30x40cm / approx.30x50cm
  • approx.40x60cm
  • approx.50x70cm /approx. 50x80cm / approx.50x90cm
  • approx.60x100cm                     
  • approx.70x110cm /approx. 70x120cm
  • approx.90x130cm


  • Polypropylen-fabric approx.70 – 90gr/m²


  • top hemmed
  • white

Bed feather bags

Storage sizes: bed feather bags                           

  • approx.120x180cm
  • approx.120x220cm 


  • Polypropylen-fabric approx.70 – 80gr/m²


  • top hemmed
  • blue/white

Disposal bags/ mineral wool bags

Storage size: mineral wool bags

  • approx.140x220cm / ca.1.200 Liter            


  • coated polypropylen-fabric


  • with cord and hem
  • print: „Mineralfaserabfälle“

Double bags PP/PP

Storage sizes: double bags PP/PP                                         

  • approx.40x60cm
  • approx.50x70cm
  • approx.50x80cm


  • Polypropylen-fabric approx.75gr/m²


  • inner and outer bag out of pp-fabric
  • sewn tot he head
  • white

Double bags PP/PE

Storage sizes: PP/PE               

  • approx.40x60cm
  • approx.45x75cm
  • approx.60x100cm


  • Polypropylen-fabric approx.75gr/m² /approx.50 microns foil


  • Inner bag: pe-foil bag / outer bag: pp-fabric
  • white

Individual PP-woven bags

The PP- woven bags can be printed individually according to your wishes (max. up to 4 colors).

Individual production and special sizes are also no problem for us.

We always keep standard sizes in stock for you!

You can inquire about further designs, sizes and qualities by calling us or using the following contact form.