Rustling Sacks

Knitted bags with HDPE tapes – rustle bags. Also called potato or onion bags. Rustle bags are typically used for packing and portioning agricultural products and firewood.


Application areas:

Our versions of rustle sacks

Rustle sacks

Weight in kg/ width x length in cm

  • 50,00 kg Sacks, Approx. 60x100cm
  • 25,00 kg Sacks, Approx. 50x80cm
  • 12,50 kg Sacks, Approx. 40x63cm
  • 5,00 kg Sacks, Approx. 32x47cm,
  • 2,50 kg Sacks, Approx. 28x36cm
  • 1,50 kg Sacks, Approx. 26x30cm

Quality and Version

  • Optionally with or without drawstring
  • Different colors

Rustle knitted fabric bags

HDPE knitted fabric bags have water and air permeable net structure. The durable and reliable sacks are ideal for packaging or also as protection for goods. The UV-resistant material is also suitable for working outdoors.


Application areas:

Our versions of Rustle knitted fabric bags

HDPE Sacks

According to your application, we optionally produce following versions:

  • Mesh wideness, material weight and color
  • Size and individual tailoring
  • Starting quantity from 1 – up to 5000 in Dortmund
  • Guaranteed short and flexible delivery time!

Further versions, sizes and qualities can be requested via telephone or contact form.