Big bags with ventilation strips

Big bags with ventilation strips Big bags with ventilation strips are breathable, offer optimal protection and are stable. These bags have proven themselves in use for the transport and storage of agricultural products such as potatoes, onions etc. as well as firewood. Because of the special polypropylene fabric, we also use these bags in filter […]

Mineral wool Big Bags

Mineral wool Big Bags Application areas: Safe disposal of mineral fiber waste according to TRGS 521 Mineral wool Big Bags Storage size (width x length x height in cm) Approx.90x90x110cm Approx.90x90x120cm Approx.125x125x150cm Approx.140x140x150cm Quality Polypropylene ribbon fabric Coated, white Versions Top with apron to tie Bottom closed Filling capacity approx. 2.350 liters 4 lifting loops […]

Form Stable Big Bags

Form Stable Big Bags In this version, internal braces which are sewn into the Big Bags prevent the fabric form bulging out. This ensures that valuable cargo space is not waste. The Q-Bags are the most commonly used bags in industry. Advantages: Space and time saving during loading and transportation From stable through internal braces […]

Big Bags for Skip Trailer/Container Linings

Big Bags for Skip Trailer/Container Linings Container Linings for Skip Trailer 7 – 10 cbm Application Areas: Protection against pollution and wetness Safe removal from construction site Container Linings for Skip Trailer 7 cbm Storage Size 340/220x195x165 cm Quality Polypropylene mesh fabric Covered 120 + 20g/m2 Version Top with apron for closing Without lifting straps […]

Big Bags – Special – Type C

Big bags type C conductive Some bulk materials can generate static energy during filling and emptying, which can lead to an electrostatic discharge in the container itself or on its surface. If explosive dusts or gases are present in the vicinity during the filling or emptying process, there is a risk of fire or explosion. […]