Jute sacks

Jute sacks Jute sacks have a long tradition for the packaging of mass goods. Today they are used for packaging for groceries and sand sacks as well. Beside the mentioned applicants they are also still used for special packaging. The DOSAFA can rely on decades of experience in terms of trading with jute products. Due […]

Jute products

Jute products The Jute fabric – ecologically sustainable Jute fabric/Jute products The main cultivation areas for jute are in India and Bangladesh. Along with cotton, jute fibers are ecologically sustainable and both are the most commonly used plant-based type of fiber for the industry. It is not only biodegradable, it is also a very fast-growing […]

Jute tarps (Jute T520)

Jute tarps Bitumen tarps / asphalt tarps / tar planes Bitumen tarps / asphalt tarps / tar planes Our jute tarps are used for instance in road construction, typical construction work or to cover or transport of bitumen or asphalt. Due to the fabric and environmental properties, it is also commonly used in gardening and […]

Jute fabric as rolled goods

Jute fabric as rolled goods We wrap the imported jute fabric optionally for your individual requirements. Due to this step, it is easier in further processing to work with jute e.g. on the construction site. Quality H305/H320 light but dense version Versions fixed selvedge in longitudinal direction light version in the widths 102cm/115cm/137cm/150cm optionally in […]

Jute as cape zigzag/wrapping strip/hand rag

Jute as cape zigzag/wrapping strip/hand rag Application area / industries For instance, in the metal production and metal processing industries or gardening and landscaping. To protect the material surfaces on the outside of steel coils, we produce cuttings from various jute qualities and grammages, so called cape zigzag. For this product you can choose between […]