Flooding protection Jute Sandbags or synthetic bags DOSAFA – Sacks You can find sacks for several branches and applications in our delivery table. These flexible containers can be produced with different materials for example like jute, cotton, plastic or paper. It can be used for packaging, storing, transporting and disposing or many different applications. In […]

PE-Foil sacks

PE-Foil sacks PE stands for polyethylene, a synthetic material that can be used almost indefinitely. Whether in industry, construction, gardening and landscaping, hospitals or in private households, the plastic bags are required for a wide variety of applications. Our most common versions are LDPE-Foil flatbags oder side-folded bags. Advantages: Temperature resistant until -50°bis + 80° […]

Paper bags/ sacks

Paper bags/ sacks An environment friendly packaging from sustainable resource. In terms of stability and tear-resistant the paper bags, compared to synthetic material are equal in overall quality. Advantages: Multi way usage 100 % biologically degradable Compostable Application areas: Storing and packaging of: Dry groceries e.g., spices, wheat, sugar or similar goods Seeds Textiles, presents, […]

Rustling Sacks

Rustling Sacks Knitted bags with HDPE tapes – rustle bags. Also called potato or onion bags. Rustle bags are typically used for packing and portioning agricultural products and firewood. Advantages: Produced out of reliable HDPE tapes Coarse mesh net structure Air permeable Recyclable and environment friendly Application areas: Packaging groceries e.g. potatoes, onions, carrots etc. […]

Jute sacks

Jute sacks Jute sacks have a long tradition for the packaging of mass goods. Today they are used for packaging for groceries and sand sacks as well. Beside the mentioned applicants they are also still used for special packaging. The DOSAFA can rely on decades of experience in terms of trading with jute products. Due […]