Cotton Bags

Cotton Bags Cotton bags are made from 100% natural fibers. They have proven themselves excellent for bagging in the food industry or for seed suppliers. They are an environmentally friendly packaging alternative and are popular as carrier bags, laundry bags or gift bags. Due to their air and water permeability, they are also suitable for […]

Polypropylene / PP woven bags

Polypropylene / PP woven bags Despite their low weight, PP woven bags are extremely resilient and breathable at the same time. That’s why they are used in all industries. In the food industry as well as in chemistry, they prove themselves every day thanks to their robustness and neutral behavior towards most products to be […]

Filled Sandbags

Filled sandbags made of PP fabric or jute fabric In case things have to be done quickly, we have filled sandbags in stock for emergencies or have them ready for you to fill yourself. For protecting the basement, our sandbags are ready to use and take with you straight away. Our bags are filled with […]


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