PE poly tarp

PE poly tarp The light and transparent universal covering tarp. The ideal protection against colors, pollution, dust and wetness. Advantages: For indoor and outdoor Light and transparent Water-resistant Reliable Environment-friendly and recyclable Application areas: Covering tarp for protection against pollution and wetness e.g. in the garden, spare-time or hobby Our versions of the poly tarps […]

PE mesh tarps

PE mesh tarps The tear-resistant all-purpose tarps are ideal for house, garden, industry, spare-time and many other areas. Advantages: Enforced tarps Application area indoor and outdoor Water-resistant Dust-resistant and washable Multi-way usage Application areas: Multi-functional covering tarp Our versions of PE mesh tarps PE-Gitterplanen Storage Size: 4,00×5,00m 4,00×6,00m Quality     Tear-resistant 220gr/m2 Version Edges are […]

PE tape fabric tarps

PE tape fabric tarps The reliable tarps are most commonly used in typical industrial applications, gardening as well as hobbies or in your spare-time. The solid and tear-resistant tarps are the perfect protection against dust, rain and snow. Advantages: With LDPE coating on both sides Application indoor and outdoor Water-resistant Approx. 300µ strong, 180gr/m2 Temperature […]

Cable Brazing Tents

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Container Covering Tarps and nets

Container Covering Tarps and nets Our container tarps and -nets are ideal for transporting protection e.g., for green- or construction waste. Depending on your requirements we have the most commonly used mesh sizes and material thickness in stock. Whether very fine mesh or big meshes, the nets are easy to use goods for daily life. […]